GK’s Premium BBQ Dream Set: 100% Mess Proof Silicone BBQ Smoker Gloves for BBQing All Day Plus Meat Claws for Shredding Plus Silicone Basting Brush | Smoker Accessories for Men and Women (Black)

December 2, 2022

Exciting BBQ Gift Set: 3 premium quality key bbq accessories come with loads of practical daily usefulness and a RISK FREE 100% Money back satisfaction guarantee.

Excellent heat resistance for handling meat in the bbq smoker and excellent for serving hot food. Toss in dishwasher when done.

Meat Gloves Spare Hands from Mess: handling large frozen meat, fat trimming, dry rubbing or marinating, smoking meats or scooping out large meat from crock pot.

The Only 100% Mess Proof Inside & Out Meat Gloves Ready for Use 24/7: You can even wear them on wet or messy hands then easily rinse out & soap to sanitize & reuse in seconds. Odor free and odor proof too.

100% Water Proof Gloves: Protection from hot juices oozing out of meat or to grab beverages from ice cold coolers.

Shredders Are Super-Fast, Fun and Easy: Minutes turns into seconds while pulling pork butt, chicken, lamb & other meats.

Work turns into fun: there is something very satisfying when shredding meat like a bear. You just feel that extra ability as the shredders feel like a seamless extension of your hands.

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